Leading with compassion, courage & conviction
The business case for a new leadership imperative
Navigating the leadership journey successfully is a daunting challenge for every leader. We have witnessed glaring leadership failures against the onslaught of a rapidly changing socio-political and business world. The leader is under attack, there’s a barrage of issues, demands, and pressures confronting the leader. Some leadership theories, fads or frameworks that have worked before are found wanting in the context of contemporary leadership practice. The leadership game has changed and thus a new game plan and more enduring leadership architecture have become necessary. SAMARITAN LEADERSHIP is a breakthrough leadership paradigm focusing on developing a new breed of leaders with the courage to lead with compassion. Developed by Wonder Jonamu in his book SAMARITAN LEADERSHIP: LEADING WITH COMPASSION- Revealing the 10 key secrets of an ancient leadership code. He believes leading with compassion is the new leadership imperative for some of these few reasons he highlights in his breakthrough leadership book.

  • Glaring leadership failures in all corridors and spheres of life (business, government, church, society and family).   
  • The new demands and challenges of contemporary leadership practice. (The leadership game has changed). 
  • Flawed leadership paradigms (recalibration and recasting are needed).  
  • The hard-nosed taskmaster leadership style just won't work anymore. 
  • Skewed leadership metaphors. 
  • Efficacy of ancient wisdom in navigating contemporary leadership challenges and problems. (the book reveals the 10 key secrets of an ancient leadership code).
  • The need for leadership transition from commanding or governing organisations to shepherding organisations.  


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About the book

Samaritan Leadership: Leading with compassion

The book provides a comprehensive guide for leaders on how they can lead effectively through compassion and kindness. The author challenges leaders to reflect on the paradigms that inform the way they lead and calls them to embrace a Samaritan leadership style of leading with compassion. In this book, the author delivers a riveting account and framework for compassionate leadership by describing the ten key secrets of an ancient leadership code to create more compassionate, empathetic, and effective leaders. A compelling portrait of a compassionate leader is outlined through practical illustrations of leading with compassion and sacrificial kindness.

The six authentic personas of Samaritan leadership are explored in a powerful Samaritan Leadership model. The author describes how leaders can cultivate compassion in their everyday leadership practice through specific compassionate practices. The book sets a new leadership imperative of compassionate leadership by outlining how to lead with compassion and kindness. The author makes a moral call to leaders to be compassionate in their everyday walk. Intended for those in leadership roles or those aspiring to assume leadership positions, this book provides a clear roadmap for leaders to effectively navigate their leadership journeys through compassion, courage, and conviction.
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About the author

Wonder Jonamu
CEO & Founder: Samaritan Leadership Institute

Wonder has walked corporate corridors across Africa as an executive leadership assessment and development expert. He is an ordained pastor and a visionary start-up entrepreneur. He brings powerful insights both from the pulpit and the boardroom. His work bridges the corporate world and the church, a passionate marketplace pastor. Finally, the walls between church and corporate world are broken down. Wonder Holds a Masters of Commerce in Industrial & Organisational Psychology and is a registered psychometrist (independent practice) with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). He is married to Mary and they’ve been blessed with two beautiful Zion daughters, Mutsawashe and Mazvita.
Author Brief Skills Profile

Leadership Capability Development


Wonder brings along a unique and solid grasp of leadership across the full spectrum of leadership assessments, content design and facilitation. The powerful insights and concepts he shares in his book reveal that he wears different hats, that of a leadership development expert, psychometrist, management consultant, entrepreneur, and ordained pastor. This is arguably one of his strategic differentiator as an author. His unique ability to speak from different authoritative voices based on his professional, personal and spiritual background.   

Leadership Capability Development- he has a robust appreciation of what it takes to develop effective leaders. He focuses on behavioural competencies and 'below the waterline factors' that influence great leadership performance. 

Leadership Assessments & Programme Design- he believes the deployment of any leadership development intervention must begin with leadership assessments and capability diagnostics. 

Entrepreneurial Acumen- Wonder has a unique talent of developing start-ups and innovative business models. He has founded five start-ups all of which he has a directorship role. 

Corporate Learning & Management Consulting- He has assisted clients across Africa in the design and deployment of corporate learning programmes and consulting solutions.

Leadership Assessments & Programme Design


Entrepreneurial acumen 


Corporate Learning & Management Consulting


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Testimonials & Reviews
  1. The author sounds authoritative and knowledgeable on the subject at hand.

    Xulon Press Editor

  2. The book is well researched and thorough, discussing many aspects of the topic in an orderly fashion.

    Xulon Press Editor