"Employees in compassionate workplaces are happier, more engaged & more productive" Roffey Park Institute (UK)

"A Samaritan leader views the workplace as an arena of flourishing rather than a colosseum of political maneuvering". Wonder Jonamu- CEO & Founder: Samaritan Leadership Institute  

To promote the craft and practice of Samaritan Leadership in organisations, I've put together a suite of tools, services, and assessments that you can make use of in your unique contexts. 
Compassion at Work Index (CWI)
Compassion at Work Index (CWI) is a statistically robust model of compassion at work developed from an in-depth review of existing evidence and a survey of over 500 UK managers and non-managers. The CWI provides an indicative view of how you see your own level of compassion at work across five attributes:

  1. Being alive to the suffering of others
  2. Being non-judgmental
  3. Tolerating personal distress
  4. Being empathic
  5. Taking appropriate action

You may also like to consider how these attributes could be improved or enhanced by following some of the practical tips that will be provided with your individual report. The CWI should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. The data you provide will be stored anonymously and your individual results will not be shared with third parties. On completion you will be able to download a printable report of your CWI compared against a relevant norm group.
Developed by the Roffey Park Institute (UK), the CWI is a new psychometric tool which measures the individual level of compassion in the workplace. Wonder Jonamu has partnered with Roffey Park Institute to introduce norm groups for the CWI in Africa. It's a FREE assessment tool.  
Compassion @ Work Survey
How compassionate is your organisation? Research evidence by the Roffey Park Institute (UK) suggests that employees in compassionate workplaces are happier, more engaged and more productive. Participating in the Compassion @ Work Survey will provide you with the following great insights and benefits. 

  • Integrated report on the level of compassion in the workplace
  • Customised practical tools and recommendations to promote compassion in the workplace
  • Feedback presentation of the integrated report

An organisation-specific  survey focused on determining the level of compassion in the workplace. It is based on the Compassion at Work Index (CWI) and clients will be able to obtain full executive reports on the level of compassion in their workplace and recommendations on how they can promote compassion at work. The process starts by nominating your staff to participate in the survey.    
Case studies & Success stories
In my book Samaritan Leadership: Leading with compassion- Revealing the 10 key secrets of an ancient leadership code, I make a strong case for business to move away from ‘show me the numbers’ to ‘tell me the story’. Do we not trend, tag, tweet, retweet, follow or like great stories? Never underestimate the power of your story. This is an opportunity for you to share real-life stories and case studies of compassion in the workplace. Here's how you can contribute.

  • Share a practical work context in which compassionate acts and or compassionate leadership have been demonstrated. You can hide the identities of people or organisations involved if confidentiality is an issue.
  • Invite me to your organisation to record a corporate video, documentary or interviews on how compassion and or compassionate leadership is being demonstrated in your organisation.
  • Share a story of how your leadership style/approach has been influenced by the book- Samaritan Leadership: Leading with compassion.  
  • Share how specific concepts in the book have inspired compassionate acts or compassionate leadership in your workplace. 
This is an opportunity for you to share your real-life stories and case studies of compassion in the workplace.