A war cry to all 'leadership bravehearts '

This one is for all the leadership 'bravehearts'. It's a 'leave no man behind mission' 
All the leadership development programmes, leadership talks and leadership presentations are based on the breakthrough insights and concepts from my book, Samaritan Leadership: Leading with compassion. Revealing the 10 keys of an ancient leadership code. The premise of all our leadership development interventions is based on some of the following strong beliefs. 

  • Questioning our leadership paradigms
  • Re-examining our 'reading' of leadership
  • Leading with compassion as a 'heart-level' leadership approach
  • Questioning our leadership metaphors
  • Creating and navigating a 'compassionate space' as a 'learning space'
  • Using ancient wisdom to deal with contemporary and complex leadership challenges
Samaritan Leadership Development Programme (SLDP)
This is a leadership journey that challenges you to recalibrate your leadership paradigms and frameworks. I believe in working together with you to create an eye-opening leadership learning experience that serves as a mirror in which we will see things differently. I call this a 'compassionate learning space', that I believe is a fertile space for powerful leadership learning and behavioural change. It touches the core of why you lead the way you do. Here are some of the key Samaritan Leadership themes covered in this programme
  • Questioning your leadership paradigms
  • Understanding compassion as an altruistic construct in leadership
  • Cognition plus cardiology equals competence model
  • The taskmaster leader versus the compassionate leader
  • Portrait of a Samaritan/compassionate leader
  • How to lead with compassion
  • The six authentic personas of leading with compassion
  • Leading with compassion as a heart-level leadership approach
  • The principle of invisibility and leadership footprints
  • Questioning your leadership metaphors
  • Cracking the code of the Samaritan metaphor
  • The Samaritan leader as a ‘corporate midwife’
  • The 'flocking effect'- leading
  • at the flock and the individual levels
  • Creating and navigating the 'compassionate space' as a fertility zone for productivity and effectiveness
  • Cause-based communication in compassionate leadership
  • How to 'paint' a strategic vision
  • How to cultivate compassion in your life (key compassion practices)


This is the flagship leadership development programme and can be pitched at the different levels of executive, middle management and first-line management. 
Samaritan Leadership Development Facilitator Certification
The Samaritan Leadership Learning experience is unique in that it entails creating a 'compassionate space' as a powerful learning environment. It takes more than just generic facilitation skills, it demand facilitating at different levels and navigating in different realms of learning experiences. It's this ability to harness multiple levers and conduct a well-coordinated 'learning orchestra' that you'll walk away with from this certification programme. The prerequisite to enroll to become a certified Samaritan Leadership Development Facilitator is to attend the Samaritan Leadership Development Programme (SLDP).   

  • Complete the Samaritan Leadership Development Programme
  • Facilitating self-reflective learning
  • Working with the 'leadership mirror'
  • Questioning techniques in leadership learning facilitation
  • Understanding the different types of leadership learning
  • Creating and harnessing a 'compassionate space' as a learning environment
  • Facilitating transformative learning
  • Creating the 'business school and boardroom link'
  • Understanding the 'principle of invisibility'

A competency-based facilitation learning programme designed for those who have a passionate interest in creating powerful Samaritan Leadership Learning experiences. 
Cracking the Samaritan Leadership code
This presentation challenges our long-held beliefs and convictions about leadership. The aim is to deeply reflect how these beliefs and convictions have shaped our leadership styles. 

  • Formulating your personal definition of leadership
  • Unpacking the Samaritan Leadership metaphor
  • The business case for leading with Samaritan compassion
  • Samaritan Leadership as a new leadership imperative
An executive presentation that provides a business case for leading with compassion and an overview of Samaritan Leadership. 
Six Authentic Personas of a Samaritan Leader
The six authentic personas of Samaritan leadership represent the diverse expressions through which a Samaritan leader leads with compassion. It's like the different 'hats' a Samaritan leader has to wear in order to lead with compassion effectively. 

  • Understanding the Samaritan Leadership framework
  • Samaritan Leadership as a multidimensional concept
  • Behaviours, competencies, and roles of a Samaritan leader
A high-level leadership presentation outlining the Samaritan Leadership Framework or model. 
Samaritan Leadership Bundle
The Samaritan Leadership bundle is a suite of resources and materials put together for those that are passionate to embark on a self-paced Samaritan Leadership journey. This is also an excellent corporate gift for your leadership team. The bundle consists of the following leadership resources.

  • The book- Samaritan Leadership: Leading with compassion
  • Samaritan Leadership Workbook
  • Plus other surprise goodies 
This is an excellent leadership resource for those with a keen interest to walk the Samaritan Leadership journey through a self-paced learning process.